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Container and Truck Repairs
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Waste Industry.
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Trash Dumpster - Fabco Fabrication, Inc.
Fabco has a vision to be the best in supplying metal products in the waste industry, construction industry, and metal infrastructure supplier and to be the best in metal service repairs in the waste industry and construction equipment industry throughout the nation and eventually the world.
20 years experience.
Including but not limited to iron repairs on trucks and commercial container repairs (2 yd, 4yd, 6yd, 8yd commercial trash dumpster bottom replacement and installations), commercial roll-off container repairs (10, 20, 30, 40yd open top roll-off container repairs and compactor repairs of all sizes. Repairs on commercial rolloff containers include floor replacements, side wall replacements, housing replacements, roller replacements, hook replacements, door replacements, hinge replacements. Truck repairs include installation of new floors, new walls, track repairs, hopper liner repairs, push blade and carrier blade repairs, rear seal replacements, cylinder repairs (repacking and replacing hydraulic lines).
Construction Heavy Equipment repairs
Including but not limited to, Excavators, Backhoes, loaders, dozers, tractors. Repairs include metal repairs on body work and attachments. Bushing and pin replacements.

Trailer Repairs
Repair and refurbish trailers including beds, structure members, fenders, wood replacement. These repairs can be done on all trailer types and including dump body repairs including doors, columns, hinges, tarp bars.
Products include components in Waste Industry as follows:
Components for commercial containers 2yd, 4yd, 6yd, 8yd include new container bottoms, shoes, drain plugs, lid hinges, lid rods, lids, gussets, side doors, and sleeves.

Components for commercial roll off containers and roll-off compactors 10yd, 20yd, 30yd, 40yd include rollers, hinges, columns, doors, gussets, door latches, and hooks.

Front End Load containers and Rear load containers (come in 2yd, 4yd, 6yd, 8yd sizes) Roll off Containers and Compactors (come in 10yd, 20yd, 30yd, and 40yd sizes)

Metal Stairs, Rails, and mezzanines are products available for commerical and residential consumers.
Includes spiral stairs
Standard Stairs
Ramp handrails
Rolloff Container - Fabco Fabrication, Inc.